Free Online Piano Tutoring: A COVID-19 Community Service

I am offering free online piano tutoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not my intention to replace regular piano lessons with free tutorials. You will qualify for free online tutoring if you fall into one of two categories, specifically, if you do not have a piano teacher or your lessons are unavailable due to the current public health situation.

Do you have a problem with a phase in the music you are learning? I will fix it for you. This could involve a fingering solution to negotiate for awkward passage, help with a difficult rhythm, or any other pianist problem you many have. For obvious reasons the tutorial can not be a full lesson. The focus will be on one or two specific problems.

The Shining

Remember Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film “The Shining”? Many of people I have talked to recently are starting to suffer from cabin fever and I afraid we have a long road ahead. Social isolation can result in significant challenges. What better time to sit down and practice the piano. A relationship with a musical instrument is meditative by nature and promotes well being. I have published a previous post on this subject titled Mindful Piano Practice: Increase Productivity and Lower Stress

A Scene from The Shining

How Online Piano Tutoring Works

The setup for an online lesson is very simple. Skype is widely used for the purpose. The software works well and is user friendly. It is free to download and is available on Windows and Mac. A laptop computer is preferable. A cell phone or tablet do not work well as the image generated is too small and it is difficult to aim the camera. A music stand is used to position the camera. If you do not have a music stand then you can easily improvise.

Online Lesson Setup

Advantages of Online Piano Lessons

I must admit I was not a fan of online piano lessons at first. However, I am a convert. I have accumulated experience in giving online lessons and have found they work just as well as a regular lesson. I have consistently received positive feedback from the lessons. Compared to an in-person lesson, online lessons offer some clear advantages. Below, I have provided a list of a few attractive features.

  • No travelling is needed as the lessons are taken at home
  • No need to collect your music to take to your lesson
  • Sound quality is sufficient for teaching at all levels and improving all the time
  • Interactive on screen white boards can be shared between teacher and student
  • Annotations can be made using music reading applications while screen sharing with students
  • Both student and teacher can instantly perform on their own instrument (without needing to switch places)
  • No one needs to be house proud
  • Transient students/families can take their teacher with them
  • Lessons are still available during Marshal Law or Armageddon

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