A man memorizing music by stuffing scores in his head

Memorizing Music: Is it Important?

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Historical Perspective As an introduction, a brief historical perspective of piano performance traditions is explored as this sheds light on the topic of memorizing music. Until the latter part of the nineteen century, it was in bad taste to perform from memory. It was disrespectful and showy. Mozart, for example, had an expansive musical memory […]

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Man using a stopping guester referring the stopping practice

Stopping Practice: A Method To Improve Quality Of Your Piano Practice

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“Think Ten Times and Play Once.” These are famous words from the renowned pianist and pedagogue Theodor Leschetizhy. Leschetizky was born in Poland in 1820 and was the head of the piano department and one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music. In 1878 he settled in Vienna and began teaching there. Promising pianists flocked […]

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