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Piano Lessons

RMC Certified Teacher LogoPiano lessons are offered to all ages and levels including adults and seniors. Enjoy private lessons in the comfort of your home or in a studio. Ford offers a traditional approach as he works to develop a solid technique and a fluid ability play classical, jazz, and modern styles. It is not just a piano lesson it's a complete, in-depth and fun music program. The lessons include music theory and history, ear training and sight reading. While doing so he tailors the lessons to each student's skill and needs.

Ford conducts weekly piano lessons. The lessons range in length from thirty to sixty minutes. The length depends on age, level, and the amount of time for practice. Ford teaches in the central Toronto area. He provides in-home lessons or in-studio lessons. He organizes two locations for in-studio lessons. One is near the intersection of St. Clair and Yonge and the other near Carlton and Sherbourne. Studio Space for Piano Lessons


Fees for Piano Lessons

The fee for lessons is $60 per hour. Four lessons are paid in advance. The cost of four 30-minute lessons is $120. Lessons policies followed are those recommended by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Book a free  30-minute trial lesson.


Rationale for Music Education

Interaction of the Brain and Music

  • Music conveys our cultural heritage. It is as important to know about Beethoven and Louis Armstrong as it is to know about Newton and Einstein
  • Music is an inherent intelligence in all people and deserves to be developed
  • Music is creative and self-expressive, enabling the expression of our noblest thoughts and feelings
  • Music teaches students about their relationships with others, in both their own and foreign culture
  • Music offers students avenues of success they may not experience elsewhere in their educational curriculum
  • Music helps students learn that not all life is quantifiable
  • Music exalts the human spirit


I was looking for a piano teacher in Toronto and I am so happy I came across Ford. His knowledge and passion for classical music is evident in each lesson. He is an effective piano teacher, with a strong focus on technique, line and detail. He appropriately challenges his students and is genuinely interested in their musical development. I look forward to my next lesson with him! When I have kids, I’ll be asking Ford to teach them!

Doug Price

Ford is one of the most talented and sensitive pianists. Over ten years, I had the pleasure to be his student. Ford has extraordinary teaching skills, patience and knowledge. He makes the lessons fun, yet at the same time professional. I strongly recommend his wisdom and knowledge.

Dorota Lipa

I only studied with Ford for a short period of time but, in that period, he was able to impart to me a great deal of insight about not only the music we worked on, but about music in general. He has helped me further my personal style by critiquing through discussion, and allowing me to form my own opinions as to how pieces should be approached. He is a fantastic teacher from whom much can be learned, and whom I greatly recommend.

Brent Nuevo

I have been a student of Ford Barker for about two years.  In that time, I have made progress as a pianist – my technique has improved and the pieces I work on sound more accomplished.  During my time as Ford’s student, I have learned pieces by Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy.  This is a wide variety of music and because of his long experience as a teacher, Ford knows and understands all of this music.  Ford is especially good at technique, phrasing, articulation and memorization so that now I play more accurately and more musically. Ford is patient, knowledgeable and loves music.  I recommend Ford as a teacher to anyone, both beginners and more seasoned players.

Michael Ford

My two sons have been working with Ford and I highly recommend him. He has progressed their technical skills, helped them understand music and perfected their playing to levels that go beyond my expectations. He manages to encourage them and keep them motivated to play while also providing direct and constructive feedback. We couldn’t be happier with Ford’s teaching.

Margie Peskin

Ford Barker believes in giving students a solid technique; counting, scales, phrasing, musicality etc.  He is patient and kind to all ages, from the very young to senior citizens and has an innate ability in dealing with learning disabilities.

Ann Campbell

Our son Anthony, has been taking piano lessons with Ford for the last 6 years. He has helped Anthony to achieve his musical potential. He is always a serious professional who really cares about increasing his student’s knowledge and love for music. His regular recital sessions are a particular part of the training for the students.”His regular recital sessions are a particular part of the training for the students. Ford is a great piano teacher and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. He is highly experienced and very professional. He uses a very balanced piano education program, which emphasizes technique, theory and musicality.

Gregmar and Roger Newman