Ford Barker - Piano Teacher

All ages and levels are welcome to enjoy private piano lessons in the comfort of your home or in a piano studio. The lessons offer a traditional approach to the study of piano -- developing a solid technique and a fluid ability to play classical, jazz, and modern piano literature.


 Its not just a piano lesson. It's a comprehensive, intensive and fun music program that integrates the study of music theory and history, ear training and sight reading into every lesson. Assignments are tailored to each student's abilities and needs.

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

Rationale for Music Education

  • Music conveys our cultural heritage. It is as important to know about Beethoven and Louis Armstrong as it is to know about Newton and Einstein.
  • Music is an inherent intelligence in all people and deserves to be developed.
  • Music is creative and self-expressive, enabling the expression of our noblest thoughts and feelings.
  • Music teaches students about their relationships with others, in both their own and foreign cultures.
  • Music offers students avenues of success they may not experience elsewhere in their educational curriculum.
  • Music enhances learning throughout all subject areas.
  • Music helps students learn that not all life is quantifiable.
  • Music exalts the human spirit.

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